Artistic and Professional Staff

  Pasha Kambalov   Artistic Director

Pasha Kambalov
Artistic Director

  Joan Beatson   Director of the School

Joan Beatson
Director of the School

  Kristina Kambalov   Executive Director

Kristina Kambalov
Executive Director

  Paige Obara   Business Manager

Paige Obara
Business Manager


Paige Obara, Business Manager
Joan Beatson, Director of the School
Tisa Della-Volpe, DanceWorks! Director and Company Photographer*
Genevieve Fanelli, Technical Director
Paige Obara, Stage Manager
Devin Short, Graphic Designer
Joanne Epstein, Wardrobe Manger
Diane Fretwell, Prop Manager
Bob Eizember, Videographer



*Photographs throughout the site are by Tisa Della-Volpe.